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Hours of Operation: Customer service & wagering staff on duty 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days per year
New Account Bonuses: 10% Cash Bonus
Re-Load Bonus: 5%-10% Re-Load Bonus
Loyalty Program: Z Fantasy

Deposit $200 or more and receive a free Fantasy Football Team from!

Deposit $500 or more and receive a free Fantasy Football League for you and nine of your friends from!

Note: All spaces for the 2007 season have been occupied. Please check back with us next season!

Bet the Board on Sundays

Place a straight wager on all the NFL games that are up for any given Sunday and receive a free half point on all your picks!

Bets must be placed on the sides only. Only straight bets allowed. The minimum bet is $10 and the maximum bet is $500. You must wager the same amount on every bet. All bets for all the games on the board must be placed on the same phone call. Not available through the Internet.

Deposit Small & Win Free Cash

As a special reward for those players who do not meet deposit amount requirements to obtain bonuses, this special promotion will give you free cash!
Here's how it works:

If you have $200-$500 in total amounts deposited in a one month period, you will receive a 5% free cash bonus based on the total deposit amount.

If you have $501-$999 in total amounts deposited in a one month period, you will receive a 7% free cash bonus based on the total deposit amount.

If you have $1,000 or more in total amounts deposited in a one month period, you will receive a 10% free cash bonus based on the total deposit amount.

To qualify for this promotion the customer must have a) not received any bonuses during the entire month period he is requesting the bonus for and b) not requested any payouts during the entire month period he is requesting the bonus for. Each month period will be defined per the calendar months in existence (for example, if the customer is applying for the bonus for the month of December, the deposits that may qualify him for the bonus will be counted from December 1 through December 31). A 3-time rollover applies. There is a $500 bonus cap and other bonus policies may apply.

Live Chat: Yes
About The Pig: The Pig is a serious, talented company specializing in sports wagering. Recognized by our peers as one of the most respected brands, The Pig is dedicated to making each customer's experience second to none. The Pig operates the world's most professional gaming operation by offering a venue complete with a sportsbook, racebook, casino, and poker rooms.

Backed by Legendz Gaming Corporation (LGC) with over 11 years of top-notch business in the Industry's The Pig has the spotless reputation, proven stability, concrete experience, and flawless track record that will let you keep your mind focused on the action and your next big gambling move. Our company was built by sports enthusiasts who are passionate about what we do. With a combined 100 years in the sportsbook industry, we assure the highest level of customer service anywhere in the world.

We are top rated by all the industry watchdogs and currently hold the following awards:

  • A+ Rated by
  • Top 10 Sportsbook of 2007 by
  • Top 5 Sportsbook of 2007 for the Best Customer Service by

The LGC family of books is notorious for delivering the Industry's fastest payouts. At The Pig, we believe nothing is more important than the safety and security of our customer's deposits. For this reason, The Pig's Payouts Department is open to serve all of our customers seven days a week with fast, hassle free payouts.

As a licensed of the Gaming Control Board in Panama City, Panama, The Pig complies with all of the laws set forth by the Panamanian government and operates under one of the most regulated sports betting jurisdictions in the world. This, of course, translates into our being a company that does things right.

We are the Professional Internet Gaming Corporation. Thank you for your patronage!

The Pig


The Pig is an online gaming site located offshore, owned and operated by a foreign company in a jurisdiction where it is legal to accept international wagers. Each customer is gambling against a prepaid balance in their The Pig account. Because we conduct our business over the Internet, which is globally accessible, our site can be accessed by regions where a government may have not addressed the legality of Internet gaming. Where the law requires, it is the player's responsibility to report any income made on gambling winnings to their respective government agency. Void where prohibited by law. Must be 18 years of age or older to become a member.

Testimonials: "LGC sets itself apart from other sportsbooks with an emphasis on friendly and efficient customer service. While many sportsbooks answer the phone with the generic one word acknowledgement -- Sports -- the first thing a client will hear is, "Hello, It's a great day at The Pig! How can I help you?" At the first contact, the caller is made to feel as if he will receive individual attention from a clerk who has the time to answer any questions. Legendz is a great choice for the recreational gambler looking for a book he can rely on for quality and fairness, and demands payouts seven days a week. One of the most impressive facilities in the industry."
- Sportsbook Review


"Outstanding! This word best describes The Pig, voted Sportsbook of the Year 2006 and 2007 by The Online Wire. We firmly believe LGC is the best and safest available option to sports betting enthusiasts in the offshore sportsbook industry. Impeccable customer service, lightning fast payout performance, great content. The most deserved Award of Excellence for 2006 and 2007 doesn't only concern what Legendz is today. In the coming months this outstanding sportsbook will further consolidate its position as market leader in the industry by perfecting the quality of service it provides to its customer. The Online Wire wholeheartedly recommends Legendz to sports bettors who wish to enjoy an unparalleled and safe wagering experience. Our all time favorite sportsbook. Honesty and integrity characterize Legendz from head to toe.
- Roberto Castiglioni, The Online Wire


"Legendz is the first and most successful sportsbook to locate in the Republic of Panama. The attractions and advantages of moving to Panama are irresistible for any sportsbook, with the net result benefiting the sports bettor. For example, a major advantage to the sportsbook industry is the complete sanctioning by the Panamanian Government of totally legal, licensed Internet wagering operations. Another feature attraction is that the Republic of Panama provides a well-educated, English-speaking professional work force. These are just two major advantages -there are many more- that contribute to Legendz as not only the best sportsbook in the Republic of Panama, it is among the highest ranked sportsbooks internationally by our team of experts."
- Sportsbook Patrol
Deposit Methods: Person to Person Transaction (Western Union), Moneybookers, Neteller, Money Gram.
Payout Options: Person to Person Transaction (Western Union), Moneybookers, Neteller, Bank Draft (Regular Check), Money Gram.
Contact Numbers: Customer Service
- 1-888-744-2387 / 1-866-744-4411 / 1-866-744-4493

- Toll Free 1-800-556-2928
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